• We connect your business / process / machine / device to the Internet.

• We bring valuable information from it to your pocket through desktop, web and mobile applications, depending on your needs.

• We use state of the art technology, combined with powerful servers and the latest applications frameworks.

Connects any machine, device, sensor that outputs data, to Internet using WiFi technology. It implements a standard protocol over RS232, RS485, CAN, I2C, Bluetooth 4.0. It can read digital and analogical sensor data.
By connecting to Teman’s IoT cloud platform, data is stored and ready to be processed to be used by client applications. Domains:
Industrial Machines:

KPIs monitoring, Quality analyses on valuable data
Preventive and corrective maintenance
Vending Machines:

Stocks real time information (smart refill)
Health status alerts
Efficient supply reloads
Temperature monitoring
Smart buildings
TEMAN Smart Logistics
Using yours or implementing our WMS, it enables your shelf or piking cart, with teman’s wifi proximity sensor and light indicator, to improve your product picking, storage and delivery experience, through our SmartBOX Logistics.

Warehouses with product picking processes
Production sites that needs line feeding

Cloud: All information is stored and available for processing in the cloud
Web Application
Customer Satisfaction: Improved customer satisfaction
ERP Connection
Business Process
Mobile Device App
Efficency: Highly efficent, error free
Optimized: Complete Process optimisation
Using BLE technology, it senses and connects to Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones. Collected data is stored in Teman Iot Cloud Platform.

Information like proximity, location, directions, product information, ads are provided through Teman’s app. Payment is integrated seamless.
Smart Parking/Navigation
Next generation Smartparking, with parking lot navigation, reservation, including smart navigation inside buildings.
Commercial Ads/Product info
Showcase Products, commercial ads or any other useful information withing the TEMAN App.
Product Information
Provide detailed product or service information, guide the user to your business.
Seemless integrated payments allow for a smooth user experience and optimized processes.